A Modest Request…

Malcolm J. Brenner

Punta Gorda, FL 33982

Susan James


Dear Ms. James,

Thank you for inviting me to send this letter to you personally after the SPAWAR page for FOIA requests failed to deliver my message yesterday.

I am making a request under the Freedom of Information Act specifically for a paper written for Stanford Research Institute in 1987 by Drs. Edwin May and Charles Pleass titled “A Remote Action Investigation with Marine Mammals.” My search has lead me from SRI to you, via several alternative stops.

Please see the attached article for documentation.

In addition, I am requesting under the Freedom of Information Act generally for any and all papers, documents, recordings or films in your possession regarding human-marine mammal telepathy, remote viewing involving marine mammals and/or anomalous cognition involving marine mammals.

I’m asking for a waiver of all fees for duplicating this material. My reasons are as follows:

SUBJECT OF THE REQUEST: Right now, a lot of people think that the Navy’s marine mammal program either uses them as living torpedoes to blow up ships or as hypodermic-tipped frogman-killing machines. You and I know different, and I’d like to let people know that the Navy has experimented with communicating with dolphins telepathically. This knowledge will materially contribute to a greater understanding of Navy operations and activities.

INFORMATIVE VALUE OF THE INFORMATION TO BE DISCLOSED: Very high. I think it will be a major revelation to the public that the Navy has attempted this kind of communication. It may also help to dispel the rumors that the Navy has employed dolphins for various kinds of lethal missions (see above).

CONTRIBUTION TO THE PUBLIC’S UNDERSTANDING: I think the public-at-large would be greatly interested in know that the US Navy has attempted human-dolphin telepathy, as it is not widely known at this time. And we pay for these experiments. I am the author of “Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover,” a 2010 non-fiction novel discussing human-dolphin telepathy, among other things. Since 1971 I have been involved in researching this subject, and have discovered several trainers who have achieved a level of non-verbal communication with their dolphins. I release this information via a web page (http://malcolmbrenner.com) and a Facebook page, as well as by press releases. Furthermore, I have been on many radio shows and podcasts talking about dolphins, including Bubba the Love Sponge and Howard Stern. I have the necessary means to get the information out there. The purpose of the information is to educate the public-at-large about the US Navy’s attempts at human-marine mammal telepathy.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CONTRIBUTION TO PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING: Nobody knows that the Navy has carried out such programs. Therefore, the significance could be significant, even revolutionary. Michael Greenwood, a former civilian scientist who worked with dolphins for the US Navy, personal told me “If the Navy would release what it knows about dolphins, it would revolutionize psychology.” I’d like to know what he was talking about, and I think other people would, too. I think we deserve to know if there are other sapient species on this planet, and how we can communicate with them. And, I should point out, our tax dollars paid for this paper to be written. If it’s not still classified, we deserve to know what’s in it, and if it is still classified, why?

COMMERCIAL INTEREST: I have no commercial interests that could benefit from this information, nor do I envision myself doing so in any way.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Malcolm J. Brenner

(NOTE: I was surprised as hell to discover that I had deluded myself, and persistently misread the title of Drs. May and Please’s article. It is really “A Remote Action Investigation with Marine Animals.” The animals in question were… marine algae.  Dinoflagellates, which, as their name suggests, swim by thrashing their tails. The investigators were trying to influence their activity cycles remotely. Well, they are a lot less expensive to feed than dolphins… so, I re-made the request, which was directed to the FOIA officer, Liz VanHorn. I am supposed to hear about the results this Thursday, Feb.21. What will be in the grab bag, and more importantly will the U.S. Navy pay the copying costs? We’ll see…)





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