Set at the height of Vietnam protests, Jimi Hendrix and LSD, Wet Goddess is a story of strange encounters, awkward misadventures, and ultimately, love.

wet-goddess-coverStoked on cheap pot and reports that dolphins possess near-human intelligence, liberal arts major Zachary Zimmerman couldn’t have been more thrilled about his first pro photography job. The project: shoot a book about the stars of Florida Funland’s struggling dolphin show – while turning a blind eye to the writer’s affair with a trainer.

But the writer isn’t the only one at Florida Funland looking for forbidden love. Ruby, a solo performer in the show, slowly edges her way inside Zach’s slightly foggy mind, drawing him deeper and deeper into her wet, wild realm of sensual abandon and unexpected violence.

Previously excerpted in Penthouse and the classic Project Jonah anthology Mind in the Waters, this is the only authorized print addition of the long-awaited novel.

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“Delving into Wet Goddess, I realized that the lamestream media had missed the crux of the novel entirely. …I want whatever he’s smoking.”

– Michelle Lhooq, Vice Magazine


“Definitely an adult read. And to be read by an adult with a hugely open mind.”

– Hayley Kolb, Hanging Off the Wire


“…truly one of the greatest love stories I have ever read or heard anywhere.”

– Jessima 11:11, The Lion & The Goat