Book Review: “Wet Goddess” by David Jay Brown



“I loved this book! Wet Goddess is the most compellingly written book that I’ve ever read about human-dolphin communication. I simply couldn’t put this fascinating book down.


“Malcolm J. Brenner’s thoughtfully and beautifully recounted odyssey, detailing his unorthodox romantic adventures with a wise and sexy 400-pound marine mammal–in the guise of fiction–is unlike any other book that I’ve ever read. Wet Goddess is simply overflowing with unusual insights and esoteric information: telepathic communication dialogues, psychedelic astral adventures, interspecies romance and truly unique eroticism.


“This mind-shattering book made me question what it means to be human, just how boundless love can be, and what an outrage it is that our species keeps dolphins in captivity, and treats them like slaves, for money and amusement. Dolphins have larger and more complex brains than we do, and they appear to be more evolved than us in numerous ways.


“Wet Goddess belongs in every human-dolphin communication researcher’s library, right next to John Lilly’s and Diana Reiss’s books–as Brenner’s personal experience with a female dolphin lover is every bit as instructive as any scientific data. Animals have been carefully studied by biologists in laboratory settings, and by ethologists in the wild–however, the human-animal love-trust-communication bond has rarely been researched, and that is why this book has such tremendous value. It’s also a wild and wonderfully entertaining story to read.


“Funny, sad, and enlightening, Brenner’s novel has the uncanny ability to suck you into his mind with his carefully chosen words, and after reading this remarkable book, this heart-wrenching love story, you’ll never see the world quite the same again.”


David Jay Brown, author of Mavericks of the Mind,  The New Science of Psychedelics and other books on human consciousness expansion.


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