Author’s Ebooks On Sale


PUNTA GORDA, Florida – If you’ve wanted to read something by Malcolm J. Brenner, now would be a great time to do so! Both Brenner’s ebooks Wet Goddess and Growing Up in the Orgone Box are on sale March 5-11 through Smashwords at savings of up to 50% off the regular $6.99 price.

“Wet Goddess” is a 1970’s-era novel about a hippie college student who’s falling in love with a captive bottlenose dolphin. It’s available at 25% off, or $5.24. Discount code: RAE 25

“Orgone Box” is Brenner’s memoir of being raised in a family that followed Wilhelm Reich’s “orgone therapy” beliefs and the trauma wrought on him when his Reichian psychiatrist turned out to be a sadistic pedophile. It’s available at 50% off, or $3.50. Discount code: RAE 50

“I’m trying to encourage sales of my work as ebooks,” Brenner said. “Right now, trade paperback copies of my writings are outselling the ebooks five to one, and I’d like to know why, especially since ebooks are supposed to be the ‘in thing.'”

Brenner is waiting to hear from Audible whether his third book, the science-fiction novel Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair, has been accepted for distribution. It’s his first attempt to market an audio book.

As part of the 2017 Punta Gorda Literary Fair, Brenner will speak on “Writing the Offbeat Work” at 4 p.m. Thursday, March 9 at the Punta Gorda campus of Florida Gulf Coast University, 117 Herald Court in beautiful downtown Punta Gorda. Admission is free. Brenner will be at the Punta Gorda bookseller’s street fair to autograph copies of his work on Saturday, March 11.

“Mel-Khyor” gets first pro review

Writing in The Florida Weekly, book reviewer Phil Jason has given Malcolm J. Brenner’s new novel Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair a big thumbs-up.

“Mr. Brenner creates an interstellar relationship that is at once eerie, intellectually stimulating, humorous and romantic,” Jason wrote in the January 19-25 issue. “His eye for real and imagined detail draws us into his largely improbable scenes.”

Those improbable scenes revolve mostly around Susie Louise McGonagle, a woman trying to find her way through three relationships: her 1980’s marriage to an abusive first husband, her 1990’s marriage to an investigative reporter, and the haunting memories of a provocative alien encounter that preceded them both.

The fireworks start when Susie accidentally lets that encounter slip her lips to her reporter husband, who then becomes consumed with trying to prove whether her recollections are real or not. Weaving in and out of Susie’s story are the escapades of a team of government agents sent to find the elusive alien and his crashed, self-aware spaceship.

“Getting a review in The Weekly is a big deal,” Brenner said. “I’ve been writing and publishing my own books since 2010, and this is my first professional review.  I’m delighted that Mr. Jason liked Mel-Khyor and had so many good things to say about it.”

Mel-Khyor is available from Amazon as a trade paperback. Brenner hopes to have an audio book out soon, read by himself.



Read “Mel-Khyor” first chapter, free!

Fans of science-fiction and UFO’s can now read the first chapter of Malcolm J. Brenner’s newest novel, “Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair,” for free.

The book is available on and will soon be available as an ebook from Smashwords.

“Wet Goddess” author talks writing, working, life…

Link to an audio interview with Malcolm J. Brenner conducted by Tamara Patzer with Business Innovators Radio Network.  Length: 28:41.  Brenner talks about the influences on, and audience for, his latest novel, the science-fiction romance Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair, and why it took him 37 years to complete his autobiographical first novel, Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover.

“Dexter” author interviews Brenner for new TV show by Critical Content producers


(L to R, Jeff Lindsay, Matt Duff, Jeff Parker (producers) and Malcolm J. Brenner.

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – Visitors to this city’s Ponce de Leon Park might have gotten an earful while they were wandering the mangrove boardwalks today. They might have heard Jeff Lindsay, the author of the bestselling “Dexter” series of suspense novels, interviewing Malcolm J. Brenner, who wrote and published his own novel, “Wet Goddess,” based on his 1971 love affair with a female dolphin.

Filming the conversation were camera operator Jeff Parker and director Matt Duff, both with Luau Studios, a small Los Angeles-based production company working on a reality TV show about strange and unusual people from Florida, the state Brenner and Lindsay both call home.

Co-producers Parker and Duff hope to sell the idea for the series to Critical Content, a new production company that has produced such hits as “Ice Lake Rebels,” “Late Night Chef Fight,” “Sex with Sunny Megatron” and “Catfish: The TV Show.”

Later, they were in Cape Coral, Lindsay’s home town, trying to film the man who danced on top of a police car last year, making Brenner one of only three subjects in the Luau Studios’ demo reel for this project.  Duff couldn’t say when the reality show might get the green light, but he hoped it would be soon.

Brenner was also filmed by British TV personality Tim Shaw in June for a similar production from TV4, but hasn’t heard any word on it yet.



Author swaps dolphins for aliens


For Immediate Release, 10/12/2016
FROM: Eyes Open Media,
SUBJECT: New book release, Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair

“Wet Goddess” author swaps dolphins for aliens

PUNTA GORDA, Florida – While writer Malcolm J. Brenner has never met ET in person, or even seen a UFO, his longtime fascination with space creatures inspired his new novel Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair.

“Aliens multiplied during my 1950’s youth,” the author of Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover said, “whether in monster movies, science-fiction novels or the scholarly works on my father’s bookshelf.” Those included 1953’s Flying Saucers Have Landed, by self-proclaimed alien “contactee” George Adamski and British historian Lord Desmond Leslie, and M. K. Jessup’s sobering 1955 analysis,The Case FOR the UFO (still in Brenner’s possession).

“Although I’m known for my experiences with dolphins, I probably wouldn’t have gotten interested in them if brain researcher Dr. John C. Lilly hadn’t convinced NASA to fund his attempts to teach dolphins English, so that we’d know how to reply to extraterrestrial aliens,” Brenner said. (The 1960’s experiment was unsuccessful because the dolphins had their own ideas, but that’s another story.)

Mel-Khyor: An Interstellar Affair is a fast-paced novel told in four separate, distinct timelines stretching from 1978 to 2004. The stories focus on Susie Louise McGonagall, a shy young college student following her mother and grandmother into teaching. Convinced she is unattractive, Susie works a summer job at a Colorado resort. Awakening one night, she finds a tall man in a silver suit at the foot of her bed. She’s is paralyzed with fear – until she notices he’s injured! Susie follows the silent stranger into the darkness and aboard his damaged spaceship, which has crash-landed near her family’s cabin in the Rockies… or has it? Is this cosmic apparition real, or the product of Susie’s imagination in overdrive?

That’s the question investigative reporter Toby Parsons tries to answer, seventeen years after Susie’s original experience. They’re engaged when the chance viewing of a TV show triggers her buried memories of Mel-Khyor and the living spaceship that brought him to Earth. As Susie’s story is revealed piece by remembered piece, Toby finds himself torn between wanting to believe her and not daring to, between his conflicting roles as a skeptical reporter and a compassionate husband. Neither of them realizes a U.S. government alien-hunting unit is looking for Susie…

With settings that sweep from the La Plata Mountains of Colorado to the rings of Saturn and beyond, Mel-Khyor is a riveting novel of adult passions and interplanetary intrigue.

Available as a trade paperback from, ( $14.95 + S/H and from Sandman Books ( and Copperfish Books ( in Punta Gorda. Soon to be available as an audio book on Audible. For a complimentary review copy, or to arrange an interview, contact the author at the e-mail address above. Thanks for your interest!

Author stars in video “sizzler”

Malcolm J. Brenner, author of “Wet Goddess” and “Growing Up In The Orgone Box,” recently returned from a quick trip to England, where he shot a promotional video for a new television series on Channel 4.

The interview series, to be titled “Tim Shaw Sleeps With…”, features people who have had extraordinary experiences.  The 10-minute video, called a “sizzler” in British TV terms, is intended to sell the idea to network video executives. Shaw (below) is a well-known British television and radio host, having worked at numerous programs over a 20-year career, during which he won several awards.


(Above: Tim Shaw, photo ©2016 by Malcolm J. Brenner)

“Tim is a bit of a character,” Brenner said, “but then, so am I.  I was initially skeptical about this proposal, but after chatting with Tim a couple of times on Skype and further exchange of emails with his partner Christina Percival and other members of the production staff, I warmed to the idea.”

Shaw’s company, Boring Productions, paid for Brenner’s airfare, passport renewal and some tires for his car (so a friend could drive him to the airport in Tampa, Fla.). Brenner flew overnight to Chertsey, a small village near Runnymede outside London, spent one day recovering from his flight, then spent all day on June 27 filming.

“When I first arrived at the hotel I’d been booked into, it was 9:30 in the morning, and the desk clerk told me they wouldn’t have a room ready until 2 p.m.,” Brenner recalled. “However, when she realized I had nowhere else to go, she had a room ready for me in 20 minutes. They were very accommodating.”

Brenner took a walk through Chertsey, a pleasant village by the River Thames. Later that night, Shaw showed up.  “We had a good, face-to-face talk over dinner, and Tim described the format of the program to me,” Brenner said.  “It’s really quite original. It consists of Tim driving around in a camper van and interviewing his subject over the course of a day. We ate dinner together, and the last segment involved us bunking down for the night in the van.”

The teaser took a full twelve hours to shoot, but the crew wrapped up on time.  Brenner was happy with his appearance, and Shaw said he did very well with the long and at times confusing interview.  “Tim and I were on wireless microphones most of the time, so we would be talking about something else, like his car (a Nissan GT-R) and I sometimes wouldn’t realize filming had started,” Brenner recalled.

There were also technical difficulties.  “The location Tim had chosen, in a camping park on the edge of town, was beautiful visually, but right under the flight path for Gatwick Airport, so it was rather noisy.  We would have to stop filming about every three to five minutes because of a plane flying overhead! It must have driven Chris, our poor sound man, crazy. And Paul, the cinematographer, had problems with the rented tripod, which wasn’t quite steady enough, so he ended up shooting much of the footage handheld, which added to the spontaneity.”


(Left to right, Brenner, Shaw, sound man Chris Travers, cameraman Paul Robinson and Sparky the Wonder Dog! Photo by Christina Percival, Boring Productions.)

Portions of the interview were shot in the van, in the campground, an open field, and the bath house at the campground. Shaw asked questions about Brenner’s personal history that led to his zoophilia and about his experiences in the early 1970’s with Dolly the dolphin while attending New College of Florida.

“In the end, everybody seemed to be quite satisfied,” Brenner said.  “I’m eagerly anticipating the results of this shoot, because if Tim gets the funding he said he’d be coming to interview me in the U.S.A. next time, and I look forward to introducing him to some wild dolphins in Charlotte Harbor!”


(Left to right, director Simon Tucker, producer Graham Stuart and interviewer Tim Shaw. Photo ©2016 by Malcolm J. Brenner.)