Attack fails, website re-opens – for now

Malcolm J. Brenner’s Wet Goddess web site and blog, which had temporarily succumbed to a dedicated denial of service (DDoS) attack, are back in operation again, following action by Dreamhost, the web hosting company.

The parties who launched the attack remain unknown.  Brenner is a controversial author for having written and self-published Wet Goddess, an unabashedly autobiographical novel about a college student’s sexual relationship with a dolphin in the 1970’s.  The novel has sold about 1,300 copies in paperback and about 100 as an e-book.

However, the sites may not be in operation for long, due to an outstanding bill with the company.

“I am currently archiving and saving six years of commentary from my blog,” Brenner said, “with the idea of re-starting it next year, when I am able to pay up the account.”

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