Who Do You Trust?


(Photo: Dolly, a dolphin I once knew, and yes, I mean that in the Biblical sense.)

{Photo © 2011 by Malcolm J. Brenner. All rights reserved.}

An Essay at the Request of the

Beautiful Cadaver Project of Pittsburgh,

but it was rejected for the anthology because “it didn’t fit with the other pieces.” Gee, I wonder why?

[As it turns out, I can only find this, for some reason, in .pdf format for now, and since I don’t have a .pdf >.txt converter, let me try this.]

Who Do You Trust

If you’ve got an opinion about this piece, I’d really like to hear it. It challenges what it means to be human! Please leave a comment. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust?

  1. The essay above that this comment references: “Who do you trust”. In your book Wet Goddess the telepathy relationship did appear to go beyond Rubys death or have I not remembered this sequence correctly? (I don’t have the book with me at the moment)


    1. That’s the problem I had: it DID go beyond her death, rather suspiciously, the day after I found out she was dead. And, I couldn’t get her to understand that every time she came back, it only re-activated my sadness at losing her physically. There was a near-fatal incident/accident. In the end, I had to ask her to leave, to spare my sanity. You can’t live with that kind of sadness inside you. It took about 5 years for it go away enough for me to function again.


  2. Why did you cut off the telepathic contact with Dolly after she died? And ,re your last sentence in the essay, how would your life have been different ?


    1. Because she was dead, and I’ve found no reason to believe in life after death.
      And, which essay? I don’t keep these things in a file, alphabetized by subject and cross-referenced by date, you know.


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