More On The Man Who Spear-Gunned Flipper

I was startled, while searching Google for articles on “dolphin telepathy,” to find the following, which I extracted from an interview with Dr. John C. Lilly by Alan Steinfeld published by New Realities magazine in 1997. Here, I direct your attention to the last paragraph of the selection, where Dr. Lilly tells the story of the dolphin who was spear-gunned to the interviewer himself. He also did this for David J. Brown in his book Mavericks of the Mind. I think writer/dolphin trainer Ricou Browning has some things to explain…

LSD and Dolphins
AS: Do you think it is ever really going to be possible to communicate with whales and dolphins.

J: Oh yes. I was taking LSD for years when it was still legally to do so. Then I got a letter from Sandoz saying I was to return what I had left. So before I sent back 150 milligrams of what I had left, I took a sailing trip in the British Virgin islands. The captain on board suddenly said, “whale” and so we went along side these fin back. She was 60feet long and our boat was only 40 feet. She had a baby with her and she turned and fixed me with her eye and so much information passed it was incredible.

AS: What kind of information?

J: Beyond words.

AS: How else does your work with dolphins relate to your experiences with hallucinogenic drugs?

J: You mean psychedelic chemicals.

AS: Yes, psychedelic chemicals.

J: In one of my books it says ECCO, the Earth Coincident Control Office, said two things to me. One, we should try to communicate with dolphins and two, they gave us LSD.

AS: What did they give us LSD for?

J: To increase our consciousness of the universe.

All my LSD [research] work, was in St. Thomas, in an isolation tank above the dolphin pool and had some far out experiences there. Then in California, at the Marineland,{ Africa-USA}. I had an isolation and beside the dolphin pool and I took Ketamine and they took me in to the dolphin group mind. I said, “hey, wait a minute, I can’t even experience one dolphin much less the group mind.” So they went back to one.

AS: What did you experience.

J: I can’t say, its beyond words.

AS: Did you ever give dolphins LSD ?

J: Oh yes. Six of them. They all had wonderful trips.

AS: How do you know that?

J: Well, they would swim along the surface, then they suddenly turn their beaks down and turn on their sonar. Then I remembered my first trip on LSD, the floor disappeared and bang I fell to the floor because I saw stars through the earth. So what they were doing with their sonar it seems [to me] was like they were apparently seeing right through the earth the way I did.

AS: Any thing else happened?

J: Well Pam, the dolphin, had been traumatized, because she was spear gunned three times in a Flipper movies. She was given to us by Ivan Tors and she always stayed away from humans. When we gave her LSD , she climbed all over us. So LSD is effective.

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